Drill Gets FDA Clearance for Robotic Surgery System

Richard Gawel


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has awarded 510(k) clearance to Neocis for a new dental drill for use with its Yomi robot-assisted dental surgery system. The new clearance will enable an easier workflow and an enhanced drilling experience, according to the company. 

Yomi, the first and only robot-assisted dental surgery system cleared by the FDA, provides computerized navigation to assist in both the planning and the surgical phases of dental implantation surgery.

The system offers physical guidance through haptic robotic technology, which constrains the drill in position, orientation, and depth. It also provides the surgeon with complete control and, unlike plastic surgical guides, clear visualization of the surgical site, Neocis says. 

“Streamlining the workflow for our robot-assisted surgery system is the most critical part of enabling this technology to be broadly adopted,” said Alon Mozes, PhD, chief executive officer at Neocis. “We are laser-focused on creating a great experience for the surgeon and the patient.”

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