Dentistry-Specific Tablet Enhances Patient Care and Increases Treatment

Dentistry Today


Utilize DrQuickLook’s Portable Dental Assistant (PDA) to save time while engaging your patients and significantly increase treatment acceptance. Combining the quality and simplicity of the company’s custom imaging software with the power and robust features of the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, it provides a suite of features that allow an enhanced level of patient care. 

Capture thousands of high-quality intraoral and extraoral images and save them by name right on the PDA. Keep your present practice management software. Easily transfer patient images to any computer or any practice software for permanent documentation. And, enjoy added features such as draw, quad view, and more.

It’s the ultimate show-and-tell device. Manage risk and reduce your liability with included ICs and post-op videos, and educate your patients with more than 60 optional patient education videos.

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