Dental Laser Meets Guidelines for Minimizing COVID-19 Transmission

Richard Gawel


The Biolase Epic Hygiene dental laser meets recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending that dentists refrain from using ultrasonic scalers to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, according to the company.

Ultrasonic scalers create a visible water spray that can include particle droplets of water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, and other debris that can serve as a conduit to spread the virus.

Practices also can use the Epic Hygiene for Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) therapy, which the Food and Drug Administration cleared in March. This indication allows hygienists to perform gentler, highly effective treatments for bacterial reduction and managing periodontal disease without using water, Biolase said.

“We have already seen how all-tissue Waterlase dental lasers create 98% less aerosol than traditional dental handpieces, meeting the American Dental Association’s recommendation of reduced aerosol production to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Todd Norbe, CEO of Biolase.

“We are proud that we have continued to see our products, like the Epic Hygiene laser, meet the unique needs of dentists during this time. We believe this aligns directly with our mission of advancing dentistry, beyond the pandemic, to treat patients in the safest way possible,” said Norbe.

The Epic Hygiene was designed to provide a total solution for effectively managing non-surgical periodontitis and increasing clinical production, Biolase said. It includes proven step-by-step clinical protocols, including pocket therapy and perio debridement, for easy implementation, the company added.

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