Curing Light Uses LED Technology to Deliver Targeted, Consistent Light

Richard Gawel


SDI’s Radii Xpert curing light incorporates LED technology to deliver targeted, consistent light for optimally cured restorations, according to the company. Target assist technology enables precision curing, SDI says, as a positioning light ensures light is correctly placed over the restoration being cured with the right angulation to improve operator technique.

An optimally collimated beam ensures Radii Xpert’s light intensity is maintained on the restoration being cured, the company says. Light intensity remains consistent over clinically relevant distances for better performance, according to the company. The 1,500-mW/cm2 light intensity over a 4-mm aperture and wavelength of 440 to 480 nm reliably cures all composites without the need for extended wavelengths, SDI adds. The LED produces a homogenous beam profile with reduced hot and cold spot variation. A built-in intensity indicator enables routine evaluation of intensity.

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