Curing Light Taps High-Power LED Technology

Richard Gawel


Spring Health ProductsTC24a corded curing light mounts on a delivery system like a handpiece. With a unique, flat-back head, its 11-mm lens is designed to easily cover a larger area, such as a 10-mm molar for a fast cure. The low-profile design ensures easy access to all areas of the mouth, the company adds, and its front and back power buttons allow for easy operation. 

Using LED technology, the TC24a provides 1,400 mW/cm2 high intensity and 700 mW/cm2 low intensity in delivering consistent, uniform power to the curing site. The multiwavelength LED’s four diodes produce high-intensity light at 440 to 460 nm, which can polymerize most light-cured dental materials, penetrate porcelain to cure underlying resin cements, and allow for a 6-second uniform cure. The digital timer readout can be set from 2 to 20 seconds. The durable, all-metal housing is easy to disinfect and virtually unbreakable, Spring Health Products says.

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