Composite Provides More Natural-Looking Bulk-Fill Restorations

Richard Gawel


Tokuyama Dental America’s Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is aesthetic and strong all on its own, according to the company, with no capping layer needed. Further improving upon the speed offered by other flowable bulk fills, it requires no additional composites for outstanding aesthetics and strength, offering faster and simpler single-increment restorations up to 4 mm, Tokuyama Dental America reports. 

Utilizing the Estelite Spherical Filler technology, the composite provides more natural-looking bulk-fill restorations via higher shade matching ability, opacity, and polishability than other products, the company says, and possesses 52% higher compressive strength than the leading flowable bulk-fill. High flexural strength allows patients to bite with confidence, while lower shrinkage stress and exceptional cavity adaptation ensure that doctors can rely on Estelite Bulk Fill Flow to provide worry-free restorations that last.

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