Ceramic Resin Cement Offered in Single-Dose Blister Pack

Richard Gawel


VOCO’s Ceramic Bond ceramic and resin cement coupling agent is now available in a single-dose blister pack, improving speed, hygiene, and convenience in treatment, the company reports. Practitioners simply pierce the blister pack with the included application brush, apply intraorally, wait for it to take effect, and then dry. It requires no additional devices and does not need to be mixed before use.

Ceramic Bond SD is formulated to be versatile and achieve optimal adhesive levels for a permanent bond between indirect restorations made of a wide variety of materials. This includes silicate ceramics, aluminum oxide, zirconium dioxide, standard composites as well as glass fiber-reinforced resin posts to resin-based cements. It is a practical solution for practitioners looking for a quick, easy, and reliable way to bond ceramic and resin-based cements, VOCO says.

For more information, call VOCO at (888) 658-2584 or visit vocoamerica.com.

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