Bristle Brushes Designed to Prevent Handpiece Failures

Richard Gawel


The Buffalo Dental Chuck Saver Abbot-Robinson Bristle Brushes cover the opening of the exposed collet with a small metal shield to prevent dust and debris from reaching the internal workings of the handpiece and motor, potentially preventing malfunctions and failures. Users simply insert their brush into the handpiece as normal, the company said, and the Chuck Saver Shield will add protection.

The brushes also feature the same high-quality natural bristle brushes ideal for cleaning and polishing denture acrylics and interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, as well as for general laboratory or dental office polishing applications, Buffalo Dental said. They also provide improved performance over ordinary bristle brushes, according to the company.

Chuck Saver Bristle Brushes are available in soft, standard stiff, and extra stiff bristles, all with solid carbon steel HP mandrels for fit and durability. They are packaged in dozens and in boxes of 144. Diameters include No. 9 9/16 inch, No. 11 11/16 inch, and No. 12 3/4 inch. 

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