BISCO Dental Products – Light-Curable Flowable Composite With Excellent Handling and Ease of Placement

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TheraCal LC is a radiopaque, light-curable flowable composite containing apatite-stimulating calcium silicates to protect and stimulate pulpal and dentin repair. It is the ideal replacement to calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, or RMGI materials due to excellent handling, ease of placement, and enhanced regenerative properties. TheraCal LC performs as a barrier and protectant of the dental pulpal complex. Ease of placement is facilitated by a 20-second light cure and the ability to be syringed directly onto the preparation and then pulped without premixing or the need for any additional activators. The proprietary hydrophilic resin formulation creates a stable and durable liner. Following placement of TheraCal LC, the final restorative may be placed immediately, which is a significant clinical advantage. For more information, call (800) 247-3368 or visit the website