Automated Trimmer Completes Jobs in Minimal Time

Richard Gawel


Axsys Dental SolutionsTrimExpert is the dental industry’s first automated appliance trimming solution for a variety of dental appliances, according to the company. In 30 seconds, dentists and dental labs can easily create and trim clear appliances with the highest quality trim edges, Axsys said.

Designed to work within any budget, dentists and dental labs can choose their desired level of automation and expand their capabilities as their businesses grow and production requirements or processes change. There are no additional ongoing aligner fees or licensing fees to decrease profitability.

TrimExpert is designed to work within existing production workflows. Modular software components provide trim line definition, machine code calculation, verification, part identification, and more. Its modularity minimizes costs as well as production disruption, Axsys said.

For more information, call (855) 687-7941 or visit

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