Amalgam Separator Tackles EPA Regulations

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To comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, dental practices must utilize an amalgam separator, which is a mercury collection device that sits in line between the operatory and vacuum pump. Now, dentists can complete this crucial task with the Solmetex NXT Hg5 amalgam separator, which offers proven reliability and improved function, according to the company. The NXT Hg5 also includes a practice waste solutions amalgam bucket for recycling all contact and noncontact amalgam, chairside traps, and amalgam capsules. 

Solmetex’s clear-by-design approach enables dental offices to visually inspect the separator, eliminating any unnecessary exposure to waste. The NXT Hg5’s new universal design allows for easier installation of the air-water separator, while the new collection container guide makes the installation of changeouts much easier. Certificates of compliance are available online 24/7. There are also no contracts.

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