Aerosol Evacuator Designed to Mitigate COVID-19 Risks

Richard Gawel


The SOTA Imaging Cazoo extraoral aerosol evacuator is designed to protect dental staff and patients alike from particulates that can transmit COVID-19.

The Cazoo connects directly to standard high-volume evacuator (HVE) lines and reduces particulates by up to 90.8% compared to intraorally positioned standard saliva ejectors, according to the company.

The evacuator can be applied using a lip attachment, or it can be attached to most leading cheek retractors, SOTA Imaging said. A splash guard sold separately also can be attached to the Cazoo for additional protection for aerosols, according to the company.

Applying the Cazoo directly on the lip or by using a cheek retractor allows for hands-free use, SOTA Imaging said. An arm accessory sold separately enables users to precisely position the Cazoo to further enable two-hand dentistry and hygiene procedures, SOTA Imaging said.

According to the company, no training is needed, and the Cazoo can be set up and used in less than a minute. It can be steam autoclaved or chemically sterilized for repeat use. It costs $99.

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