PRODUCT LAUNCH: Easy Digital Denture Solution (EDDS)

Carestream Dental
Easy Digital Denture Solution (EDDS)


Digitize your denture records from one scan in just five minutes with the Easy Digital Denture Solution (EDDS) from Swissmeda, the clinical software and services brand from Carestream Dental. The once highly time consuming and complicated task of scanning dentures is now streamlined with this new digital workflow. Scan records in a Carestream Dental CBCT system to capture all necessary data in less than five minutes, reducing the chances of triangles and the need for rescanning.

EDDS works within CS Imaging version 8—the imaging hub for Carestream Dental imaging—with easy on-screen step-by-step instructions; so, no additional equipment or add-ons are needed and there’s no need to be trained on complex alternative workflows. One scan results in STL files that auto-orient in design software—further streamlining the process of digital dentistry.

Eliminate the time-consuming analog process of dentures with this new AI-enabled digital denture workflow.

Easy Digital Denture Solution (EDDS)