PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Curaprox Wooden Toothbrush



The Curaprox Wooden Toothbrush with a biodegradable, compostable handle and colorful brush head filaments is now available. After developing no fewer than 48 prototypes, Curaden presents a wooden toothbrush that meets demanding expectations. For this new toothbrush, Curaprox uses Swiss beech wood from sustainable forest management.

The Curaprox wood ultra-soft has 4440 densely packed filaments. This results in a cleaning surface that is second to none and can work particularly well on an ultra-compact, slightly angled brush head. Therefore, all areas of the mouth are easy to reach. This is the toughest opponent of plaque: the gentleness of the Curaprox wooden toothbrush.

The Curaprox wood ultra-soft differs from other wooden or bamboo toothbrushes available by its effective and gentle cleaning properties and its iconic Curaprox design.

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