Premier Dental Celebrates a Century of Success!



Premier Dental Products Company, founded in 1913 by instrument maker Julius Charlestein, is now celebrating its 100th anniversary.  Today, this family-operated business is in its 4th generation and has product sales in over 75 countries, making Premier a leading brand in the world wide dental market.

Julie Charlestein, President, and her father, Gary Charlestein- CEO, attribute dentists’ acceptance of Premier products to a simple core value – Trust.  Dentists trust that Premier products will perform as promised and therefore they are open to try new Premier products as they come onto the market.

This has enabled leading brands such as RC-Prep, Hemodent, Triple Tray and Two Striper brand diamonds to be preferred by more dentists.  Premier continues to maintain relevance with practicing dentists by providing innovations, such as Traxodent- hemostatic retraction paste, Enamel Pro Varnish, Enamel Pro prophy paste, 2Pro disposable prophy angles- all of which have been well accepted very quickly.

Premier has not strayed far from its roots over these years, making more and more instruments today in the USA- and selling them along with all Premier products through a dealer network – for convenient availability to practicing dentists around the globe.   Helping dentists offer better care to their patients by providing products that dentists trust to achieve predictable results – continues as the vision for Premier’s next century of success.

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