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P&R Dental Strategies, LLC (P&R) the dental industry’s source for data-driven business intelligence and performance measurement solutions, announced a partnership with Dominion National, a leading insurer and administrator of dental and vision benefits to include DentaQual ratings in Dominion’s online dentist directory.

Dominion National plan members will now see star ratings linked to a provider score card as they search for an in-network dental provider. This partnership helps meet the growing need for transparency in provider information and will help to empower Dominion’s members to make informed healthcare decisions.

p&r dental strategies

DentaQual is the first-ever truly objective dental performance rating system. Using data from DentaBase, P&R Dental Strategies’ database of anonymized and aggregated claims from more than 70 national and regional oral health benefit payers, dentists are scored on five key metrics including treatment outcomes, commitment to best practices, cost-effectiveness and more.

DentaQual compares a dentist’s score to the average scores of their peers in the same specialty and geography, creating an overall star rating for each dentist. As interest for objective performance scores grows among dental patients, employers, and insurance payers, DentaQual provides independent third-party data-driven information for these groups.

“Consumers are asking for transparency in healthcare, and we are thrilled to partner with Dominion National to meet this growing need in the oral care space. We look forward to helping Dominion’s plan members utilize our objective, data-based measurements to find the perfect provider to suit their needs,” said Paul T. Sheils, CEO of P&R.

For more information about P&R Dental Strategies and to learn more about how DentaQual scoring works, visit https://www.pandrdental.com/dentalquality

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