Photocentric Partners with umati



Photocentric, inventor of LCD 3D printing, has announced that it has become a partner of umati (universal machine technology interface) to enhance manufacturing connectivity and workflows. The partnership will allow customers to integrate Photocentric devices with MES and other facility management systems using standardized interfaces based on OPC Unified Architecture, significantly reducing the upfront effort required to build a robust manufacturing infrastructure.

“Thanks to the open-source nature of umati along with a rapidly growing community of industry experts, we believe this standardised interface will soon become the go-to for machinery connectivity across all sectors of mechanical engineering,” says Doug Finlay, lead software developer, Photocentric. “We are excited to see Umati’s notion of a common language support the sharing of machine data between companies to encourage continuous learning and process optimisation.”


Photocentric has now joined a large and growing community of umati partners, and the plug-and-play system will provide customers with freedom to combine machinery from multiple manufacturers within the umati ecosystem, and scale their operation without significant reconfiguration.

The universal standard of communication will also allow engineering companies to work more closely and exchange data in a standardised way. Photocentric believe this collaboration will accelerate the global shift to industry 4.0 and encourage the growth of new software to optimise manufacturing processes from both quality and environmental standpoints.

“Our partnership with umati will help mitigate the complexities involved when collaborating with other companies in the manufacturing sector, resulting in the faster development of innovative production processes, and benefitting our customers,” adds Finlay.

About Photocentric

Photocentric is the inventor of LCD-based 3D printing, and an award-winning specialist resin and LCD printer manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire, UK and Arizona, USA.

Building on its vision of enabling custom mass manufacture with its innovative 3D printing technologies using LCD screens, Photocentric’s large format LCD printer range includes Liquid Crystal Magna, which delivers significant speed, volume and cost savings to business around the world in a range of industries.

Photocentric is a patent holder in visible light curing technologies and specialises in photopolymerisation, manufacturing an innovative range of photopolymer resins compatible with any printer operating from 355nm to 460nm.

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