Maintaining optimal aesthetics and general health are both a driving force for advances in implant dentistry. Patients and practitioners are demanding superior implant designs, materials, and straightforward techniques to provide a higher degree of success, aesthetics, and longevity without creating an environment with possible health concerns. PerioSeal’s dental implant design offers an engineering and biologically superior solution to these issues. Scientific and clinical studies have shown periodontal pathogens exist within the microgap of conventional implant systems. These pathogens may seriously compromise the success of the implant and the general health of the patient. There is a direct relationship to health concerns in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, general health, pulmonary problems, preterm birth, and increased surgical risks. These may also result in an increase in insurance claims. The PerioSeal implant prevents this major health issue. For more information, call (888) 446-7126 or visit