Pearl and Vyne Dental Partner to Streamline Claims Processing

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Pearl, the global leader in dental AI solutions, and Vyne Dental, a leading provider of dental revenue technologies, claims processing, and electronic health information exchange, announced a partnership to pair Pearl’s Second Opinion AI solution with Vyne Trellis, Vyne’s end-to-end revenue acceleration platform. This partnership will provide Trellis users with Pearl’s radiographic image retrieval capabilities, enabling faster, more efficient AI-assisted claims submissions.

espire dental

“This partnership brings together two of the most innovative technology solutions in dentistry,” said Steve Roberts, president of Vyne Dental. “By joining Pearl’s cutting-edge AI-backed technology with our end-to-end revenue acceleration platform, we are uniquely positioned to revolutionize claims processing, enabling dental practices of all sizes to streamline workflow, enhance efficiency, and ultimately maximize revenue.”

Vyne Dental processes over 8 million claims per month across more than 50,000 practices, totaling over $4.5 billion in claims monthly. Integrating features from Pearl’s Second Opinion—the first chairside AI software authorized by the FDA to help dentists detect numerous conditions commonly diagnosed in x-rays of adult teeth of patients 12 and older—Vyne Trellis will offer users a more streamlined workflow for sourcing patient x-rays and identifying the most appropriate imagery to support insurance claim submissions. With a few simple clicks, Vyne Trellis users will now be able select and attach patient imagery to claims directly within the application, reducing time spent on compiling and submitting claims by up to 50 percent. As the partnership progresses, the two companies have their sights on developing features aimed to facilitate a revolution in real-time chairside claim adjudication and approvals.

“Pearl’s breakthrough AI technology solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and elevate the standard of care,” said Ophir Tanz, founder and CEO of Pearl. “Our partnership with Vyne Dental will enable smarter, more efficient insurance claim filing so that dental professionals can spend less time searching through patient charts for x-rays, and more time on what matters most—delivering quality care to patients.”

About Pearl

Pearl is shaping the future of oral healthcare with AI solutions developed to elevate the efficiency, accuracy, quality and consistency of dental care. Launched in 2019, Pearl is helping dentists, practice owners and labs establish new, higher standards of dental care around the world with industry-leading computer-vision technology cleared to read dental x-rays and detect the most comprehensive array of dental conditions available today. The company is the only dental AI software provider with multinational regulatory clearances, including in the US, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

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About Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne® family, providing end-to-end health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management for more than 800 hospitals and health systems, 50,000 dental offices, and more than 800 plans and payers across the United States.

Uniquely positioned to serve multiple key stakeholders within healthcare, Vyne has made Inc. 5000’s annual list of the nation’s most prestigious and fastest-growing private companies for 15 consecutive years. Under Steve Roberts, Vyne continues leveraging synergies across its two health tech businesses, Vyne Medical and Vyne Dental, to accelerate growth and facilitate relationships between providers, payers and patients across the full healthcare spectrum.