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Patient Prism, a leading call-tracking AI platform based in Tampa, FL, introduces PrismConnect, a game-changing integration platform that connects Google Ads and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Patient Prism’s powerful artificial intelligence. This innovative solution enables healthcare organizations to measure and optimize their marketing performance with unprecedented accuracy.

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PrismConnect allows healthcare organizations to track and analyze conversions based on the type of service requested by the patient, providing unique insights into the quality of leads generated by Google Ads or GA4 goals.

“This is a revolutionary way to harness and leverage marketing data,” said Amol Nirgudkar, CEO of Patient Prism. “PrismConnect gives healthcare organizations an unparalleled edge in their marketing efforts. It enhances every aspect of the patient journey, from the first ad impression to the final service request.”

George Böhnisch, CTO of Patient Prism, explains the technical features of the integration: “Through our proprietary deep neural networks, PrismConnect bridges the gap between marketing efforts and real-world conversions. It infuses intelligence and transparency into every layer of the marketing process. We don’t just collect data – we interpret it, understand it, and make it actionable.”

PrismConnect aims to transform how healthcare organizations plan and execute their marketing strategy by enabling them to optimize their resources and maximize their ROI. This remarkable achievement is not only a major milestone for Patient Prism but also a significant benefit for the entire industry, equipping marketing teams with the tools they need to make smart decisions and drive success.

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Patient Prism is the leading call tracking and coaching platform that uses AI technology to help dental and healthcare offices improve patient attraction and conversion. Their advanced technology provides healthcare teams with actionable insights and feedback, turning missed opportunities into booked appointments.