Partnership Aims to Improve Oral Cancer Detection

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The DentalOne Partners dental services organization has teamed up with Forward Science, manufacturer of the OralID cancer screening device, to offer enhanced oral cancer screenings to new and current patients during scheduled appointments. DentalOne also is now a provider of the ID For Life Program to promote early detection and public awareness of oral cancer.

“We know that oral cancer is an ugly disease, and we want our patients to rest assured that our offices are providing the best care to our patients by screening them with the latest technology in OralID,” said Dr. David Anderson, chief clinical officer at DentalOne Partners. 

Currently, 70% of oral cancers are found in stages III and IV of the disease, resulting in a five-year survival rate of less than 50%, the companies report. But finding these abnormalities in earlier stages of the disease can increase the five-year survival rate up to 80% to 90%, the companies add.

“We are excited about our partnership with DentalOne as our company goals are very similar: providing great patient care,” said Forward Science national sales director Cassie Wilson. “The impact we can have on patients’ lives is far greater than we can even imagine.”

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