Overjet Partners with DECA Dental Group



Overjet has announced a partnership with DECA Dental Group, one of the nation’s premier dental support organizations.

The partnership brings Overjet’s FDA-cleared dental AI software for decay detection, calculus detection, and bone loss quantification to DECA’s coast-to-coast national brand, Ideal Dental.

The partnership builds on both companies’ shared commitment to delivering patient-centric clinical care and an outstanding patient experience. By incorporating Overjet’s dental AI for X-ray analysis and clinical insights, DECA is taking proactive steps to streamline the diagnostic workflow, create better doctor-patient communication, and improve patient outcomes.


Overjet Partners with DECA Dental Group, Providing AI to Improve Patient Outcomes

“As a clinician-founded and led organization, growth, learning, and innovation continue to be our primary goals to best support our dentists and team members,” said Dr. Shalin Patel, chief medical officer of DECA Dental Group. “Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare, and we are proud to be at the forefront of adopting the latest in dental technology to help our clinicians accurately diagnose to promote optimal oral health. Overjet will enable us to continue to elevate the standard of care and clinical outcomes for the guests who visit our supported practices nationwide.”

DECA Dental Group has integrated multiple technologies to elevate dental care through teamwork and technology. It has been recognized by the industry for its drive to affect meaningful change across its growing network of dental practices. With the goal of improving operational efficiencies and patient outcomes through digital transformation, DECA is the newest dental group to adopt Overjet.

“With this partnership, Overjet and DECA are combining the best of dental AI with one of the fastest-growing dental support organizations in the country to improve oral health,” said Wardah Inam, co-founder and CEO of Overjet. “DECA has built its strong reputation on delivering a support infrastructure that enables its clinicians to deliver best-in-class patient care. We are proud to partner with DECA to support clinicians with technology to elevate the quality of care to patients.”

To learn more about how dental support organizations are using Overjet’s dental AI platform to lead the change to clinically precise, efficient & patient-centric dental care, visit overjet.com.

About Overjet

Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard School of Dentistry, Overjet develops accurate and quantified ways to detect pathologies and integrates actionable insights into workflows. Every day, private practices, dental groups, and insurance companies rely on the accurate information provided by Overjet to drive care and service to patients.

Learn more at www.overjet.com.

About DECA Dental Group

DECA Dental Group is a Dallas-based clinician founded and clinician led dental service organization started by Founder, Chairman & CEO Dr. Sulman Ahmed.

The company has been delivering high-quality dental care to patients since 2008. DECA is actively expanding its footprint coast-to-coast under the Ideal Dental brand. DECA’s culture is founded on a patient-centric model. The company is guided by its vision to be the premier provider of all dental services under one roof while being the first choice for dentists and staff seeking a partner for growth, innovation, and learning.

To learn more, please visit decadental.com and myidealdental.com.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.