Original Toothbrush Design Proven Superior to Modern Toothbrushes

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original toothbrush

Read on for more about how the original toothbrush design is superior to modern brushes.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine presented their findings at the July, 2021 International Association for Dental Research conference. The research study, “Wear Comparison of Twelve Manual Toothbrushes” shows that the Sound Feelings brand, old-fashioned, “flat-style” bristle design had the least amount of wear compared to other brands, including Oral-B, Colgate, Nimbus, and Reach.

Each toothbrush brand was run on a mechanical toothbrush simulator for approximately 2 hours and repeated multiple times. The Sound Feelings Soft Plain Toothbrush had the lowest wear among the twelve commercial toothbrushes tested.

According to Dr. Hutson’s 1958 patent of the flat bristle toothbrush design, the closely-packed, same-level bristles support one another during brushing and help prevent splaying and curling. Another benefit to the older design is that the flat handle is easier to control. This helps those who have arthritis. Also the traditional flat, slim handles fit in wall toothbrush holders.

It is curious that this superior original design has mostly been abandoned by the larger toothbrush manufacturers.

Howard B. Richman, founder of Sound Feelings, resurrected the older-style toothbrush in his own quest for a brush that would work for his sensitive gums. Richman explains, “The multi-leveled bristles of modern-style toothbrushes would irritate my gums while brushing my teeth. This is because the longer bristles extend further than necessary, depending on the angle of the brush.”

A prior study from 2013 shows that when “bristle flaring” from worn toothbrushes occurs, they are less effective in removing the dental plaque which increases the risk of dental cavities and periodontal disease. Therefore, it is natural to draw the conclusion that if the Sound Feelings brand toothbrush has the lowest wear index, that it would also mean that it is superior in removing plaque and preventing tooth decay.

“When I went to the dentist, the hygienist scraped plaque on only a very little portion of just one or two teeth, and the dentist barely found any plaque at all,” says William L. LeBleu, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Sound Feelings works closely with a USA manufacturer to create toothbrushes that meet its exact specifications. The adult size (47-tuft) comes in extra-soft, soft, medium, hard, and extra-hard. The kids (24-tuft) is extra-soft. The bristles are made of nylon.

The handles are made of Cellulose Acetate Propionate (CAP), a type of plastic produced from wood pulp cellulose. CAP is strong, non-brittle, shiny, and translucent, making it a perfect material for toothbrush handles and eyeglass frames.

The products are BPA-free and phthalate-free, with prices comparable to other brands.

Sound Feelings toothbrushes are available from the Plain Toothbrush website www.plain-toothbrush.com as well as Amazon, Walmart.com, ebay, and ToothbrushExpress.