OraCare to Continue and Expand Support Program for Cancer Patients

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In response to a critical need within the dental community to help support and care for patients undergoing cancer treatments, OraCare will continue and expand its OraCare Cares program, according to the company.

“We were so happy when we found out that OraCare was giving patients relief during their cancer treatment. There are so many things to worry about. Mouth sores, burning sensation, or dry mouth shouldn’t be one of them,” said OraCare CEO Dr. Robert Martino.

“My team and I got together and wondered how we can help more of these patients, and that is how OraCare Cares was born,” Martino said.

Launched in November 2020, OraCare Cares partners exclusively with established OraCare providers and was developed from the dental industry’s constant commitment to caring for a patient’s oral and overall health, the company said.

The program’s goal is to provide comfort to cancer patients who are undergoing treatment by providing a complimentary set of the company’s rinse.

Once an OraCare provider identifies a patient of need, enrollment is quick and easy, the company said. The dental team can visit the OraCares webpage to register the patient with a free set of OraCare.

The set is then delivered to the patient’s home, complete with product information and a personalized card from the practice. The dental team is kept involved in the delivery through shipment notifications so they can follow up with the patient and remain part of the patient’s support system.

“I am very happy to report that complimentary OraCare Cares packages have been sent to patients in all 50 states through this partnership with our OraCare providers,” said OraCare sales manager Quinn Miller.

“It’s a great way for OraCare to support our practices and for those practices in turn to support someone going through one of the most challenging times of their life,” Miller said.

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