OPT-In Launches National Private Practice Organization



OPT-In Management, LLC announced the formation of OPT-In Dental Advantage, a national organization and website dedicated to educating consumers about the value of independent private practices over other practice models.

According to Dr. Dean Mersky, OPT-In Management, LLC president, “Dentistry is headed in the same direction as medical care. Consumers deserve better, as does the dental profession. We are giving dentists an opportunity to blunt those changes and help consumers who visit our website make better choices.” Membership is restricted to private practices that are solely dentist owned and managed. Co-directors of education are Dr. David Hornbrook and Master Technician, Peter Pizzi.

The OPT-In Dental Advantage website is designed to educate consumers about the advantages of private practice, how to choose a dental office, and a realistic view of dental benefits so they can make well informed decisions in choosing care. Consumers will then be able to select from the OPT-In Dental Advantage website a member Dentist that best fits their needs.