Online Video Illustrates Prettau Zirconia Bridge Treatment

Dentistry Today


Dentists who want to expand the dental implant aspects of their practices can check out Dentistry Today implant editor Michael Tischler’s latest video online. The Prettau Zirconia Bridge Treatment Planning, Surgery and Prosthetics shows clinicians how they can implement the Prettau full-arch screw-retained implant bridge in their work.

With nearly 5 years of treating patients with hundreds of arches in his practice and more than 1,600 Prettau zirconia arches in his lab, the American Board of Oral Implantology Diplomat and internationally recognized author and lecturer boasts a 100% success rate for prosthetics with one to 4 years of function and a 99.4% success rate for implants.  

Running at 5 hours and 27 minutes, the 5-part video covers the materials that are used in this procedure. It also reviews guided and nonguided treatment while providing in-depth coverage of alveoloplasty, osteotomy, reflection, and suturing techniques. Tischler reviews immediate load and staged treatment from surgical and prosthetic standpoints as well.

Plus, award-winning dentist and nationally recognized educator and author Claudia Patch, DMD, shares her expertise in prosthetics to reveal her best practices for exceptional results. And finally, Tischler discusses team building, strategic marketing, and the importance of leadership and focus in any practitioner’s professional endeavors.

The video was produced in partnership with ADA CERP, and it is available for 6 continuing education credits. It can be viewed on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast platforms for $169.

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