November 2019

Dentistry Today



Minimally Invasive Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Todd E. Shatkin, Mr. Arman Ghafarian, Mr. Jared E. Shatkin, Mr. Kyle Hayes, and Dr. Thomas Spulecki Jr share how you can change your practice, your life, and the lives of patients with mini dental implants.

Prosthetic-Driven Treatment Plan: Thoughtful Choices Ensure Optimal Results
Dr. Ara Nazarian presents a case report featuring a combination case involving implants.

Novel Retention Systems for Implant Restorations

Drs. David Little and Joseph Massad describe the collaborative and treatment planning process for a patient who desired an upgrade to his existing mandibular full-arch prosthesis and a new upper prosthesis.

Hard-Tissue Laser Applications: Optimizing Restorative Treatment

Drs. Gregori M. Kurtzman and Michael Koceja talk about hard-tissue laser indications and applications in dentistry.

Veneering Implant Crowns Using Zirconia

Dr. Michael Miller demonstrates the use of zirconia in an ultra-thin laminate case.

Streamlining Extensive Caries Treatment: The Use of Glass Ionomer and Placement Templates
Dr. James C. Burden discusses using glass ionomer and placement templates to streamline extensive caries treatment in an anxious adolescent.

Complex Cosmetics and Occlusion: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Dr. Todd Snyder presents a complex cosmetic case that involved the implementation of occlusal principles with a hinge axis mounting.

Overcoming Endodontic Procedural Failures

Dr. Allan S. Deutsch discusses procedural failures and how to correct them.

Vaping: What Every Teenager Should Know

Focus On: Diabetes Detection