Nexa3D Expands its Digital Dentistry Customer Reach



Ultrafast industrial 3D printing leader Nexa3D is advancing its digital dentistry portfolio with global expansion and new installations.

With a new Director of Dental Business for Europe, a new UK-based channel partner, and new installations of dental-focused 3D printing platforms, the Nexa3D Dental portfolio is staking its claim on the digital dentistry market.


Ultrafast Dental 3D Printing Solutions

The Nexa3D Dental portfolio comprises validated solutions designed to fit the workflows of dental labs of all sizes.

The industrial NXD 200 platform offers breakthrough economics for dental labs, with high-throughput, highly accurate patient-specific prints created in-house to fit any need. For chair-side operations in dental and orthodontic clinics, the XiP 3D printing platform offers ultrafast, repeatable results with a desktop footprint.


The XiP is a desktop 3D printing solution ideal for smaller dental labs and dental clinics. (Photo: Business Wire)

Using validated dental resins from Keystone Industries, dental professionals gain the ability to 3D print patient-specific dental models, splints, impression trays, occlusal night guards, and more on demand.

Both the NXD 200 and XiP are built on Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) Technology, which allows users to print at speeds of up to 18cm per hour, orders of magnitude faster than traditional SLA or DLP technologies. Both platforms integrate validated software and post-processing workflows available through Nexa3D, providing an intuitive end-to-end solution for dental applications.

Nexa3D Expands Dental Team in Europe

As the Nexa3D dental portfolio continues to gain traction, the company has appointed two new key leaders for the segment in Europe.

Franco De Sano, the new Director of Dental Business in Europe, and Mark Welch, the new Business Development Manager and Customer Success Lead for Dental in Europe, bring significant industry experience to the roles and are poised to usher in a new period of growth for ultrafast digital dentistry.

“I would like to welcome Franco De Sano as Director of Dental Business in Europe,” said Jim Zarzour, Head of Dental Solutions, Nexa3D. “Franco brings with him almost two decades of extensive experience in both dental and medical fields. Based in Milan, Italy, Franco will drive the development and the expansion of Nexa3D customer base through the European region.”

Zarzour continues, “I am very excited to welcome Mark Welch to Nexa3D as Business Development Manager and Customer Success Lead, Dental, for Europe! Mark is a registered dental technician and has been working in the dental industry for 26 years. He started his career in a dental laboratory and moved in a sales and technical role six years ago with Bracon Dental and Medical Supplies. Mark has been responsible for implementation and first level support of AM systems into a large number of UK dental laboratories and clinics. Mark is passionate about digital technology, software, and materials, particularly in relation to the dental additive manufacturing industry.”

De Sano, Welch, and Zarzour will be working closely to build up the Nexa3D Dental business across Europe.

“I’m very excited to be part of this amazing company,” said De Sano. “It gives me the chance to work together with the most skilled people on the market and to further develop my rooted knowledge of 3D printing applied to the dental field. Together, we will build a strong and high-level network throughout Europe.”

Nexa3D Expands Channel Network and Customer Reach

UK-based Bracon Dental recently added the NXD 200 to its portfolio of dental and medical supplies offered to dental labs and clinics. For the first time, Nexa3D’s ultrafast portfolio is now available to dental customers in the United Kingdom.

Bracon has been serving the dental needs of the UK since 1952, operating as one of the region’s best-known independent dental supply companies. In addition to digital dentistry and 3D printing, Bracon offers a comprehensive range of dental equipment to serve digital, crown and bridge, prosthetics, and orthodontic needs for the industry, as well as office and lab needs.

In the US, ongoing new installations signal rising demand for in-house digital dentistry solutions. Excel Orthodontics in Tigard, Oregon has recently installed its new NXD 200 system, while Bella Smile in San Francisco has installed its new XiP for chair-side production. Bella Smile’s setup is the first dental-focused XiP installation as the new desktop system has now commenced shipping to customers in the US and Canada.

“We’re thrilled to see market excitement surrounding our digital dentistry portfolio,” said Zarzour. “More dental labs are bringing on the NXD 200 and the XiP is set to meet the growing demand for in-office 3D printing, offering dental and orthodontic professionals a highly accurate, ultrafast solution for same-day dentistry.”

About Nexa3D

Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chains sustainably. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers that deliver up to 20x productivity gains to professionals and businesses of all sizes.

Partnerships with world-class material suppliers and its open materials platform unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. Automated software tools optimize the entire production cycle using process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency, while reducing waste, energy, and minimizing carbon footprints.

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