New Study Indicates Dental Treatment With Anesthesia is Safe During Pregnancy



Pregnant woman don’t need to have any qualms about undergoing a dental procedure that requires anesthesia, according to a new study.

The Journal of the American Dental Association study showed no evidence that dental treatment with anesthesia causes harm during pregnancy. Despite this finding, many women don’t visit the dentist when they’re pregnant.

The research team analyzed the pregnancy outcomes for a group of women exposed to dental treatment with anesthetics and a control group that did not have any treatment. The study showed that exposure to dental care and local anesthetics during pregnancy did not cause an increased risk for medical problems in newborns. Some of the problems they looked for were cerebral palsy, cleft lip and heart defects.

This study also explored the rates of miscarriages, premature deliveries and birth weight between the two groups. The results were the same and dental procedures with anesthesia had no impact on the pregnancy.

Research from many studies demonstrates that many pregnant women don’t seek dental treatment, even if there is clearly a problem. Oral health is vital during pregnancy because there is a higher risk of tooth decay. This risk stems from increased carbohydrate consumption and difficulty brushing teeth based on morning sickness, gag reflex and increased gum bleeding.

This study determines that it is essential for dentists and physicians to do their best to encourage the maintenance of oral health during pregnancy to prevent any problems from showing up.