New Health Warning for Treats



Some biscuits and cookies may pose problems that you wouldn’t think about at first.

Many people are aware of the sugar issues that stem from the treats but new research suggests these items may contain more salt than salted popcorn or chicken nuggets. If children consume the treats regularly, that may be at risk for overconsuming salt.

In addition to the many known problems caused by sugary food, such as diabetes, tooth decay, etc., the salt content is producing other issues. Too much salt consumption may result in high blood pressure and eventually heart disease or stroke.

It was discovered in the United Kingdom that 100 types of biscuits possessed the same amount or more salt when compared to popular brands of popcorn. The total was 0.9 mg of salt per 100 g.

It would be best for the consumers if the manufacturers took this into account and lowered the salt content in their products. It also would be best for parents to reduce the amount of these types cookies or biscuits that their children consume.