New England Dental Group Selects VideaHealth as Exclusive Partner for Al-Powered Chairside X-ray Analysis

New England dental group


VideaHealth, the pioneering dental Al company, and New England Dental Group today announced an exclusive partnership to deploy VideaHealth’s chair-side Al technology at all New England Dental Group locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. VideaHealth’s dental Al platform improves diagnostic accuracy, resulting in greater treatment plan acceptance and ROI improvements, while ensuring patients get the right care they need, when they need it.

New England dental group

“We are committed to setting the standard in technological excellence and innovation for our industry. When evaluating dental Al solutions, we were impressed by VideaHealth’s treatment accuracy, superior clinical insights, integration capabilities and the platform’s ease of use,” said Dr. Margarita Panajoti, D.M.D., Chief Dental Director at New England Dental Group. “The company has truly addressed the needs of the market. Between the power of the Al and the seamless integration into workflows, VideaHealth was the obvious choice for our practices.”

Until now, dentists have relied exclusively on direct practice experience to make treatment recommendations, which vary from practice to practice. VideaHealth’s Al is as useful for dentists with dozens of years of experience as it is for newly minted ones who are early in their careers because it standardizes detections and recommendations across the board.

“This partnership means that every New England Dental Group dentist can offer better patient care, realize more revenue and further reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease,” said Florian Hillen, CEO, VideaHealth. “With our Al, clinical issues are caught earlier, treatment plans are standardized, and dentists realize incredible efficiency gains that allow them to focus on patient-centered care.”

VideaHealth’s FDA-cleared Al algorithms are based on the VideaFactory, which houses the industry’s most diverse dataset. Dentists using VideaHealth’s Al technology can now make treatment decisions supported by highly accurate analysis pulled from hundreds of millions of data points, based on 50x more X-rays than a single dentist will see in their lifetime.

About New England Dental Group

New England Dental Group is an all-inclusive dental practice with offices throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The expansive team – led by cosmetic dentist Dr. Margarita Panajoti – includes a variety of specialists such as implant dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, and lab technicians. They have been providing exceptional dental care for more than 20 years and are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in dentistry.

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About VideaHealth

VideaHealth is on a mission to improve dental patient health, ushering in the age of preventative care in dentistry. Rooted in Al research conducted at Harvard and MIT, VideaHealth’s FDA S0l(k) cleared dental Al platform is clinically proven to improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment plans, enabling dentists to standardize patient care. With the largest and most diverse data set in the market, VideaHealth stands out for its practice-centric approach and is the partner of choice for leading DSOs across the country.

Backed by leading venture capital firms Spark Capital, Zetta Venture Partners and Pillar VC, VideaHealth is headquartered in Boston.

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