New Device Aims to Curb Teeth Grinding

Dentistry Today


Technology may soon be used to monitor teeth grinding.

A group of researchers in Ireland created a mouth guard that can relay information to a smartphone, in addition to a dentist, to pinpoint problems related to bruxism.

The goal of this mouth guard is to fight against tooth wear and tear. Also, the researchers wanted to curb problems like headaches, migraines, and TMJ disorder, which are issues that stem from grinding teeth while sleeping.

There aren’t as many tests as there should be for bruxism, which is one of the reasons the device was created. Prior to the availability of current technology, a mouth guard such as this one could not possibly be made.

For now, the mouth guard will be targeted for dentists but patients will pay for it.

The mouth guard is worn during sleep and activity is detected by hundreds of tiny sensors. The information is then sent to the user’s smartphone through an app that enables the dentist to see the data. The objective is for the dentist to easily confirm cases of bruxism through the app.