NevinLabs to Unveil the Nevin LabPro Handpiece at 2011 Lab Day Chicago



LabPro is the Perfect Complement to all Nevin Dental Laboratory Workbenches

Chicago, IL (February 15, 2011) Nevin Laboratories, Inc., a member of DentalEZ® Group, will be unveiling its new Nevin LabPro™ handpiece at this year’s Lab Day Chicago.  Ergonomically designed with laboratory professionals in mind, the LabPro is easily incorporated into all NevinLab™ workbenches.

Functionality is at the forefront of the LabPro design.  The lightweight and compact body provides optimum comfort and increased efficiency by reducing hand fatigue and providing
the user effortless operation on even the most delicate pieces of work for extended periods
of time.  Weighing in at a mere .48 lb., the brushless micromotor of the LabPro significantly reduces the weight and improves balance, resulting in the smooth and easy performance of
all laboratory procedures. 

Equipped with a 180° vector control system, users experience an extremely smooth rotation while operating the new LabPro.  The LabPro is capable of a powerful 8.7Ncm maximum torque, and maintains a clean consistency across the entire speed range, with minimal vibration and noise.  Moreover, the LabPro has a dust-proof mechanism that prevents the infiltration of harmful material into the handpiece bearings, extending the turbine life.         

The choice of a knee or foot control unit allows for increased desk space.  Knee control unit features include:

  • Speed range of 1,000 – 50,000 rpm 
  • Digital speed display
  • Light weight of 6.62 lbs.
  • Small footprint dimensions of 90 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 230 mm (H))

Foot control unit features include:

  • Speed range of 1,000 – 50,000 rpm
  • Auto clean function
  • Light weight of 6.62 lbs.
  • Small footprint dimensions of 230 mm (W) x 292 mm (D) x 113 mm (H)

Please visit NevinLabs at this year’s Lab Day Meeting in Chicago to experience the new LabPro handpiece, or contact NevinLabs at 800-544-5337.   

About NevinLabs

NevinLabs™ specializes in designing, building, and installing complete dental laboratories and area workstations for dental practices, dental laboratories, vocational schools, universities, and military hospitals and clinics.  For more information, please visit, or call NevinLabs directly at 800-544-5337. 

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