National Smile Drive Needs Recruits and Donations



National Children’s Dental Health Month is now underway, and so is the America’s ToothFairy third annual Smile Drive. This campaign promotes the importance of dental health and collects toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral care products for underserved children.

Since the first Smile Drive in 2014, America’s ToothFairy has collected more than 660,000 oral care products for children nationwide. Last year, dental practices, companies, schools, pharmacies, community centers, and more all held Smile Drives to collect donations for these children.

Each Smile Drive host selects a local nonprofit corporation to receive its donations. Past recipients have included local shelters, food banks, Boys and Girls Clubs, clinics, and other organizations that serve youth.

Registration will be open throughout February. To participate in the Smile Drive, complete a brief online registration form for access to the free toolkit, including downloadable flyers, templates, and other tools for promotion.

America’s ToothFairy also suggests that companies can set up internal competitions to see which of their departments or divisions can collect the most products. And, participants can win a $200 Amazon gift card by calculating how far their drives have reached, representing one foot for each product donated.

“We are grateful for the many caring individuals and companies that have made a strong commitment to the health of children in their community by participating in the Smile Drive,” said Fern Ingber, president and CEO of America’s ToothFairy.

“These generous partners not only provide at-risk children the tools they need to prevent pediatric dental disease, they help raise awareness of the vital connection between oral health and overall health,” Ingber said.

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