Mucopren® Named as Reality’s Choice



REALITY, the highly acclaimed dental materials evaluation company has awarded Kettenbach with the REALITY’S CHOICE 5 Star Award with a rating of 4.5 out of 5, following testing by selected evaluators.  Subscribers will be able to review the rating by going to Realty’s webpage  Today, after 27 years, REALITY has evolved into a full service information resource and product testing company, with its publications collectively considered the “bible of cosmetic dentistry.” The Editorial Team has also grown to 37 of the most respected and highly renowned dental professionals in the world. With 9 international members on the Editorial Team,

About Mucopren® soft
Mucopren® soft is an A-silicone denture reline material that provides both clinicians and laboratory technicians the ability to produce long-lasting, functional, quality soft denture relines.  Mucopren® soft is indicated for use as a permanent soft reline material that compensates for areas of mucous membrane with varying degrees of resiliency.  It bonds firmly to the acrylic denture with the use of the patented Mucopren® adhesive, assuring that it will not separate from the denture and remain intact for an extended period of time.  Dentists no longer have to worry about delamination between the acrylic denture and the soft liner of the silicone.  Its smooth, hydrophobic silicone surface impedes any bacteria from permeating the denture, helping an edentulous patient avoid any infections.  Mucopren® soft has superb mechanical properties that can be easily trimmed with a steel bur, and it has a high-loading capacity.  Mucopren® soft provides patients comfort because it is designed to relieve the chronic sore spots of the mucous membrane.

Designed for chairside use, Mucopren® soft has a total setting time of 5 minutes, 30 seconds (total working time, 2 minutes, 15 seconds; and intraoral setting time, 3 minutes, 15 seconds). Different working and setting times must be observed when using the indirect reline technique.