MouthWatch 2023 Tellie Award Winners Demonstrate Continued Commitment to Innovation for Improved Oral Health



MouthWatch, LLC, an industry leader in teledentistry solutions and digital imaging devices, recently announced the winners of the 6th Annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards, “The Tellies.”

The Tellies celebrate individuals, organizations, and programs that demonstrate a passion for continuous innovation, improved access to care, and better oral health through the use of teledentistry and virtual dental care applications.


Pictured left to right are the 2023 Tellie Award Winners, including Robyn Shafer, RDH, Mainely Teeth, Nathan Suter, DDS, Chief Innovation Officer & Dental Director, Enable Dental, Shawn Oprisiu, Director of Dental Outreach, Swope Health Services, Michelle Roman, RDH, Chair of Dental Hygiene, Middlesex College, and Nadine Thompson, RDH, Instructor, Middlesex College. (Missing from the photo; Marko Vujicic, Chief Economist & Vice President, American Dental Association (ADA) Health Policy Institute)

“We congratulate our Tellie Award winners for their outstanding work in the communities they serve, the research they produce and for their ability to bring the success of teledentistry to the forefront in transforming care,” said Brant Herman, founder & chief executive officer of MouthWatch and Dentistry One.

The following award winners were honored at a dinner celebration held in New York City during the Greater New York Dental Meeting:

Winner Name: Marko Vujicic, chief economist & vice president, American Dental Association (ADA) Health Policy Institute

Award Category: Dental Industry Innovator

As a thought leader and researcher dedicated to improvements in dentistry, Marko Vujicic leads the ADA Health Policy Institute with unwavering dedication. Through his leadership, the dental profession, patients, and industry stakeholders can depend on Mr. Vujicic and the HPI for the data and research essential to addressing the pressing issues in today’s dental care system and in shaping a better tomorrow.

Winner Name: Dr. Nathan Suter

Award Category: Dental Innovator

Through his work with Enable Dental, Dr. Nathan Suter revolutionized care delivery by bringing mobile dental services directly to vulnerable populations and addressing accessibility challenges at the source. Dr. Suter’s consultancy efforts have empowered dental professionals to seamlessly integrate teledentistry into their workflows, while his educational initiatives have broadened the understanding of this innovative practice. Dr. Suter’s legislative advocacy has streamlined regulations, making teledentistry more accessible.

Winner Name: Robyn Shafer, RDH

Award Category: Dental Hygiene Innovator

With only three years of experience in the field, Robyn Shafer, a dedicated dental hygienist, joined the Mainely Teeth team in October 2022. During the 2022-2023 school year, she served over thirty individual schools throughout the state, and positively impacted the lives of hundreds of students from kindergarten to 12th grade, by using teledentistry to connect with patients remotely, share documentation with family members, triage urgent cases, and refer patients to specialists.

Winner Name: Middlesex College, New Jersey

Award Category: Dental Education Innovator

Middlesex College provides dental screenings at a pre-school and a school for special needs students and uses teledentistry to make specific referrals for patients. The college’s dental hygiene students rotate through the mobile site weekly throughout the semester, with two students and one faculty member delivering care at the school clinic. Following screenings at the school for special needs students, Middlesex College offers on-site preventive treatment, leveraging teledentistry to offer synchronous or asynchronous consultations with its clinic dentist.

Winner Name: Swope Health Mobile Dental Unit

Award Category: Oral Health Program Innovator

During the 2022-2023 school year, the Swope Health Mobile Dental Unit (MDU) played a pivotal role in delivering essential preventative dentistry to 2,700 children in the Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) and Kansas City, Kansas (KCKS) school districts, with teledentistry as the driving force behind their success.

Operating four days a week, they expertly serve over 75 schools with a single mobile unit. The program utilizes teledentistry to streamline the examination process, utilizing intraoral photos and x-rays sent asynchronously to a brick-and-mortar dental clinic for efficient treatment planning and scheduling.

“From supporting mobile services with teledentistry to reach vulnerable populations, reducing costs with virtual screenings and urgent care triage, to shaping the future of dentistry with continuous innovation, this year’s Tellie award winners are each paving the way for improved health outcomes,” said Mr. Herman.

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