Mouthrinse May be More Effective Than Brushing



Mouth rinsing, in unison with brushing, has a greater chance to reduce plaque and gingivitis than simply just brushing.

The information appears in the January/February 2013 issue of General Dentistry.

The logic is simple when analyzing the makeup of the mouth. Mouthrinses can get to every part of the mouth whereas brushing can only access the teeth, which comprises about a quarter of the mouth. Bacteria have the ability to survive despite brushing and flossing.

The study concluded that utilizing germ-killing mouthrinse two times per day could lower the onset of plaque and gingivitis when used as a supplement to brushing.

The study took six months and included 139 adults with mild to moderate plaque and gingivitis. They were broken into two groups. The first group brushed and rinsed with a germ-killing mouthrinse twice daily while the other group brushed while rinsing with a placebo mouthrinse twice daily.

The occurrence of plaque was lowered by 26.3 percent for the people that utilized the germ-killing mouthrinse.

When the six-month study was over, almost all of the participants who used the germ-killing mouthrinse showed lowered levels of gingivitis. Only 30 percent of the participants in the other group showed the same type of results

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