Mode Launches the First Wireless Charging Electric Toothbrush



Compound Brands, an umbrella company that creates brands that turns everyday tasks into an enjoyable and elevated routine, has announced its second brand, Mode.

Mode is the future of brushing, where innovation meets routine.

With no other toothbrush on the market that combines docking, charging, and a nightlight, Mode uses 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute for a gentle yet deep cleaning. This launch is the latest addition to Compound’s suite of health and wellness brands focused on improving the daily oral care routine.


Mode Toothbrush (PRNewsfoto/Mode)

After a rigorous two-year product development process in partnership with Enlisted Design, Mode was created to be equal parts innovative and design-forward.

By eliminating cords for charging and designing an aesthetically pleasing bathroom essential, Mode is challenging the status quo for those that don’t want to sacrifice home design for a necessary tool. The product offers unique features, including:

  • Wireless Dock: Mode toothbrush lives and charges on the wireless dock, freeing up counter space
  • Built-In Nightlight: The built-in night light within the dock illuminates the surrounding space
  • One Mode: Completes 38,000 perfectly calibrated sonic vibrations per minute, for a deep clean
  • Rotating Dock: Fully rotating charging dock for easy placement anywhere
  • Whisper-Quiet Motor: Leading motor that provides max brushing power without the noise and offers 30 days of battery on a single charge
  • Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof for use in the bathroom or shower and IPX4 splash-proof dock

“After reviewing many of the products on the market, I wasn’t interested in creating another private label brush like the others out there,” said Marco Massaro, Founder & CEO. “Through extensive research, people find brushing to be mundane, they don’t like cluttered counter space, and charging docks were obtrusive and easily knocked over. Based on these factors, we decided to focus on improving the charging and docking experience and elevating the otherwise routine task of brushing your teeth. As a result, Mode was born as the future of brushing at the intersection of innovation and routine.”

Mode toothbrush is now available for purchase with a 90-day brush head refill subscription for $150 and/or for $165 for a one-time purchase with no subscription.

To purchase the new Mode toothbrush and for more information, visit

About Compound Brands

Compound brands creates a suite of companies that elevate daily routines and make positive lasting impacts.

Its focus is on creating a portfolio of brands geared toward the oral care sector, for now.

About Mode

This brand is the future of brushing. Their first product launched is the world’s first toothbrush that docks magnetically, charges without wires, frees your counter space, and upgrades your routine. The brand lives in your bathroom – its goal is to not only elevate your brushing experience but your entire routine.

Through data-driven insights, the brand was constructed at the crossroads of innovation and routine to give consumers an elevated experience.