Midmark Enhances Intraoral Imaging with New Intraoral Digital Sensor System



Midmark Corp., a leading dental solutions provider focused on the design of the clinical environment to improve the delivery of care, recently announced its release of the new Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensor System. The new Midmark digital sensor system is designed with enhanced triggering to ensure reliable image capture, and the system boasts the best line pairs per millimeter on the market (35.7 lp/mm) for superior image quality.


“Reliably capturing high-quality images is the most important attribute of an intraoral digital sensor,” said Mark Greenwood, vice president of imaging product development for Midmark. “At Midmark, we’ve designed a digital sensor system with advanced triggering hardware and algorithms to reduce X-ray doses and produce high-quality images with outstanding resolution when used with any dental X-ray source.”

Other notable features of the new Midmark sensor include:

  • A thin profile, rounded corners and contoured surfaces to optimize patient comfort.
  • Advanced CMOS technology to optimize resolution while reducing noise for sharp, detailed images.
  • A direct USB 2.0 connection for simplified practice integration.

Clinicians can optimize convenience through built-in integration with the Midmark Preva Plus Intraoral X-Ray, which features sensor storage and in-arm cable management. Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensors are available in two sizes to accommodate patient needs and exam requirements.

The sensors come with a standard five-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and five years of the Midmark-exclusive Sensor Safe extended care and priority replacement plan.

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The Midmark headquarters and innovation hub are located in Versailles, Ohio, which is also home to the Midmark Experience Center, Design Center, Technology Center and its largest manufacturing facility. Midmark maintains eleven additional locations in the United States, including four innovation hubs, and has subsidiaries in India and Italy.

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