Meharry School of Dentistry Opens Clinic in Shelbyville

Dentistry Today


The Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry has opened a dental clinic in Shelbyville, Tennessee. As part of the Community Clinic of Shelbyville and Bedford County, the facility is an extension of the work of the school’s mobile dental unit.

“We were able to bring our mobile unit and… have our whole entire Meharry team and our students to be able to come down and really make a difference in the community,” said Dr. Cherae M. Farmer-Dixon, dean of the School of Dentistry.

“Our passion is that we meet people where they are,” Farmer-Dixon said, “so this was a match made in heaven that gave us an opportunity to do this.”

The new clinic was the beneficiary of significant donations of equipment from the Delta Dental of Tennessee Smile 180 Foundation as well as free rent, maintenance, utilities, and WiFi from the Bedford County Government, the school said.

“This really is a testament of what happens when we put the people first and the healthcare first and how we provide services to those individuals, making that the priority—how we can collectively come together with a common vision and a common goal, and what can happen,” said Farmer-Dixon.

The free dental and medical clinic provides limited healthcare for the working, uninsured, low-income adults of Bedford County. Since 2003, the clinic said, it has provided quality preventive healthcare that’s essential to saving lives, reducing disability, and lowering healthcare costs.


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