MDS Partners with Bento to Provide Insurance Alternative

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The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) has named Bento, a dental benefits management software platform, as an exclusive partner to provide its members an alternative to insurance. Bento is designed to help organizations of any size to self-insure and customize their dental benefit. The announcement follows Bento’s launch announcement last month.

“The Massachusetts Dental Society’s mission is to help our member dentists succeed as oral health providers by bringing them the latest in technology, education, and advocacy,” said MDS executive director Dr. Robert Boose. “Bento has built a software platform that represents a great opportunity for our members to connect directly with their patients and build strong relationships with them based on clarity and trust.”

“We’re excited and proud to be partnering with the Massachusetts Dental Society,” said Ryan Traeger, Bento’s vice president of marketing and business development. “The MDS is the leading voice in dentistry here in New England, and we believe Bento will be an incredibly useful platform for its member dentists. We’re helping companies self-insure their dental benefits, then pay dentists directly. That’s good for dentists, patients, and employers.” 

“By connecting employer-paid plans directly with dentists, Bento eliminates the interference of traditional insurance. Our members have been asking for a viable direct reimbursement solution for a long time, so we were excited when we discovered Bento,” said Shannon McCarthy, MDS director of sales and business development. 

The partnership also will include a continuing education component designed to help MDS member dentists with best practice information about dental economics, preservation of patient relations, and more.

“Bento was built to bring transparency and efficiency to the dental market,” said Traeger. “We want to translate that efficiency into education opportunities for dentists so they can get the most out of their business.”

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