Margeas to Lead Fall Webinar Series

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Clinician’s Choice has announced its fall lineup of Hands-OnLine LIVE courses. Streamed online, each course is available for two continuing education credits per hour. Courses also are fully interactive. After registering, participants will receive a technique kit including a technique guide, a model, instruments, restorative materials, and accessories to perform the hands-on exercise. Instructors will review cases and demonstrate each step of the technique live. Participants can ask any questions they may have via the chat window.

Dr. Robert Margeas will lead Freehand Diastema Closure on September 17, October 2, and November 26. Attendees will learn a step-by-step approach for treating midline diastemas without the use of wedges or a matrix system. They also will gain practical knowledge that will simplify their practice and help them create natural-looking restorations without removing tooth structure, Clinician’s Choice says. 

Margeas also will lead Mastering the Class IV Restoration on September 11, October 8, and November 13. Noting that the use of a lingual matrix to replace the lingual shelf followed by precise placement of dentin, incisal, and enamel shades can yield consistent and accurate results,

Margeas will review many Class IV cases and then perform each step of the technique. Participants then can perform the case simultaneously in the comfort of their own office.

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