March 2020

Dentistry Today



Conservative Treatment of a Non-Consonant Smile Arc

Dr. Thomas E. Dudney outlines a conservative approach to the treatment of a non-consonant smile arc.

Private Group Practice Develops Unique Mentorship Program

Dr. Steven Barrett discusses an exemplary model for group practice dentistry.

Same-Day Smile With Full-Mouth Guided Surgery

Dr. Todd Engel outlines the steps followed to complete a guided surgery in his practice.

Simplifying the Decision Tree: Choosing Graft and Membrane Options After Extractions
Dr. Steven L. Rasner presents a series of short clinical cases, from socket grafting and veneer grafting to horizontal augmentation.

Direct Resin Veneer Technique: Using A Single-Shade Composite

Dr. James H. Peyton presents a case involving a single direct resin veneer using a universal-shade composite.

Retreatment vs Extraction and Implant: Making Sound Clinical Treatment Decisions

Dr. Rico Short discusses the thought processes required for decisions related to retreatment vs extraction and implant placement.

Grow Your Practice by Focusing on Three Numbers

Focus On: Teledentistry for Private Practice