As I open the new product catalogs I think to myself,”Do we really need another implant system, or another bleaching light?” What I need are better systems to fix teeth using magnification. And then when I began to talk to these companies I realized that the dentists running the companies don’t do “real dentistry” any more. “Real dentists” on the other hand are too busy to design and market their great ideas. We have a disconnect.

Like so many clinicians, I have had many frustrations with the traditional preparations and matrixing systems for anterior and posterior composites for my entire career. When
I went to the clinical microscope it only made the problems more apparent. When I began to lecture extensively and spent time at CRA doing research projects I began to fully understand the real problems with direct composites. I also saw that we were hopelessly entrenched in a preparation and delivery system for composites that is fundamentally flawed. “Just do it” Gordon always says. I did.

This is one of my life's works and I can't wait for you to try the Clark Class II and the Bioclear system. It is beyond what any of the dental companies were willing to invest. Eventually we will have at least 20 different matrices for the "Mastership Kit" along with a dozen different interproximators, gorgeous microsurgical hemostats and pliers for placement, and more…

My feeling is that when clinicians use an Interproximator to seat a porcelain inlay or onlay, they’ll never go back. No more poor contacts, cement stuck everywhere and difficulty in seating.

Then we discovered repairing porcelain fractures. Permanently, beautifully.

The anterior matrices allow a completely different level of esthetics, health and longevity. Friends tell me that the diastema closure matrices are a miraculous solution to an age old problem


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