Mango Voice Introduces Contact Sync for Healthcare Professionals

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Mango Voice has unveiled Mango Contact Sync, a new feature that integrates client data across Practice Management Software (PMS) and Mango’s Platform. Targeted at dental, medical, veterinary, and chiropractic professionals, Mango Contact Sync is designed to make managing client information easier and more secure.

mango voice

Key Features:

Automatic Synchronization: Keeps client contact details up-to-date across all devices. Caller Identification: Shows who is calling or texting, speeding up response times. Search and Contact: Quickly find and contact clients using Mango’s platform. Compatibility: Works with leading Practice Management Software systems. Security: Uses encryption to protect client data both in transit and at rest. Pricing: Available as an add-on feature with plans to include it in our Mango+ package. Contact us for pricing details.

About Mango Voice

Headquartered in St. George, UT, Mango Voice provides cloud-based communication tools specially designed for the healthcare and wellness sectors. Our focus is on simplicity, efficiency, and security, helping healthcare providers concentrate on patient care.

Find out how Mango Contact Sync can benefit your practice.

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FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Markus Winkler on Unsplash.