Malaysia Could See Increase in Number of Dental Tourists



An amendment to a dental act in Malaysia is in its final stages.

The goal of the Malaysian government is to lure more dental tourists to the country, and the government feels that making these changes could accomplish that.

If this amendment takes effect, it will present Malaysian dentists with the opportunity to advertise their dental services to potential clients around the world. Liow Tong Lai, the health minister in Malaysia, believes there is an opportunity for growth in this area. His reasoning is that many people around the world are leaving their home country to receive dental work.

People are already flocking to Malaysia for other medical purposes. Malaysia may be among the top handful of destinations for medical tourism, with people travelling there to ultimately save money they would have to spend if the medical work been done in their own country.

The Malaysian government believes that if it can attract people for other medical services, then why not dental work as well.

Dental tourism, like other areas of medical tourism, is becoming an increasing phenomenon. There are already Asian countries that attract dental tourists from Australia and New Zealand. Malaysia hopes to do the same.

This amendment could be passed some time this year.