NO Prep Porcelain Veneer Technique

Dr. Rinesh Ganatra


Hey Doc! I wanted to send you this unique opportunity for tomorrow- Thursday.

live training

This Thursday, we’re doing a NEW training with Dr. Marvin Berlin on:

The Art of Creating Prepless Smiles.

You’ll Learn the No Prep Porcelain Veneer Technique!

(No cost- but limited logins so register for your login ASAP!)

Register here to join us on this LIVE session.

You’ll see where to put the porcelain when you can’t remove tooth structure.

Here’s what you’ll learn on this LIVE training:

  1. The 5 Case Types for Porcelain Veneers- what type of cases give you the best outcomes for NO Prep porcelain veneers and which ones to absolutely AVOID!
  2. Material Selection, Margin Design, and Lab Communication for NO prep cases- know which material to pick for prepless cases, learn lingual vs. gingival finish lines, and critical lab communication.
  3. Learn the “Mock-Up Protocol” for Prepless Cases- so you can evaluate porcelain thickness and get confident with the final outcome based on restorative dimensions!

This is a tactical session to help youy treat those patients that come in and ask if you really need to “shave down their teeth” – we’ve all heard it….

Join us this Thursday, May 25 at 5pm (PST).


This session will fill up and we DO have limited logins since this is LIVE so register today.

You’ll walk away with a stack of notes and insights to implement the very next day!

AND- the confidence with those NO Prep porcelain veneer cases!

Live Inspired!