Linkwell Health and Avēsis Partner to Improve Access to Care

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Linkwell Health, the premier consumer engagement technology company in healthcare, and Avēsis, one of the nation’s leading providers of dental, vision, and specialty benefits, announced their partnership to improve access to quality care among Medicaid members. Linkwell Health will partner with Avēsis to deploy technology-enabled omnichannel digital engagement solutions to support two of Avēsis’s signature programs: eye exams for people with diabetes and in-school dental visits for children.

linkwell health

For more than four decades as a trusted partner to health plans and providers, Avēsis has provided vision, dental, and specialty benefits to millions of Americans. One of Avēsis’s key populations, consumers covered by Medicaid, is traditionally difficult to reach and engage, making it challenging to close gaps in care.

“Our mission is to provide equitable access to high-quality care,” said Joshua Sclar, M.D., chief medical officer of Avēsis. “Healthy eyes and teeth are essential for overall wellness, yet many people are unable to access regular exams. Together with Linkwell Health, we’ll educate members about the importance of eye and oral health and help ensure they get the care they need.”

“Our benefits support consumers covered by Medicaid, who often experience disparities in access to quality care and can be difficult to reach in traditional communication channels,” said Sean Slovenski, CEO of Avēsis. “We’re excited to partner with Linkwell Health to engage members in the channels they respond to best, with member-centric messaging that educates and motivates them to schedule important exams.”

The omnichannel program will include action-oriented content that educates members about eye and oral health, guides them to actions that can improve their health, and drives them to book appointments.

“Linkwell Health’s technology platform combined with our high-performing content drives action in healthcare. We are uniquely qualified to partner with Avēsis to motivate members to improve their health while fulfilling the company’s mission to support their members,” said Nathan Adams, CEO of Linkwell Health. “Our engagement solutions for health plans, providers, and wellness companies over the past decade have improved member engagement, with a specific focus on driving awareness, conversion, and utilization of care, services, and benefits.”

About Linkwell Health

Linkwell Health is a consumer engagement company that leverages powerful technology, high-performing content, and deep healthcare expertise to deliver omnichannel digital health experiences that build trust, maximize engagement, and activate consumers in the programs, benefits, and care they need. Linkwell Health’s engagement solutions drive acquisition, onboarding, quality metrics, benefits activation, and retention for some of the biggest brands in healthcare.

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About Avēsis

Avēsis believes in creating communities where lives are lived more fully. One of the nation’s leading dental, vision, and specialty benefits providers for more than 40 years, we deliver the highest quality of care by building and nurturing local provider networks and community partnerships. Our member-centered care model aims to bridge and close significant gaps in healthy equity while guiding members and their communities to wellness.

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