LIBERTY Dental Plan Invests in Community Oral Health Through TeamSmile NFL Program

LIBERTY Dental Plan
liberty dental plan


LIBERTY Dental Plan, a leading benefits administrator founded in 2002 by dentists and health industry professionals, which currently administers dental benefits in all 50 states, today announced a $7,500 contribution to TeamSmile’s NFL spring/summer 2024 program, supporting solutions for Louisiana and Tennessee children in need to have life-changing dental experiences through the influence of sports.

liberty dental plan

“At LIBERTY, we strive to make positive, life-changing experiences for our members, especially children,” said Tom Choate, president, and CEO of LIBERTY Dental Plan. “This year, we are thrilled to sponsor one of TeamSmile’s NFL events, designed to combine the excitement of sports with the value of a lifelong commitment to oral health. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with TeamSmile, which provides children with free dental preventive care, education, and even treatment if needed.”


LIBERTY is a dental benefits administrator founded by dentists and health industry professionals in 2002. LIBERTY currently administers dental benefits in all 50 states, including on behalf of over six million Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, commercial, and exchange members.

A high-touch approach to member and provider engagement, along with innovations to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of dental care delivery, has propelled the company’s growth. Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, is a majority investor in LIBERTY.

Elevance Health, a customer since 2010, is a minority investor. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn.