Roberts, Warren P. W.

2024 CE Leaders

Warren P. W. Roberts, DMD
451 Bute St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2P4

P: (604) 681-0066
F: (604) 943-7735

Dr. Warren Roberts is a general dentist who has been in practice in Vancouver, BC for 40+ years. After attending several botulinum toxin and facial rejuvenation training programs earlier in his career, Dr. Roberts was concerned with the level of training that was being provided in this field. To be an exceptional practitioner with no negative side effects, Dr. Roberts believes you need not only a deep level of understanding of head and neck anatomy, but also a deep understanding of specific practices and injection techniques that make the patient experience remarkable. The result was the development of PTIFA – a training institute that provides an unprecedented depth of clinical theory, hands-on teaching and practice integration (including team training modules) in the field of facial rejuvenation (botulinum toxin, fillers, lasers, and more).

Dr. Roberts is recognized by Dentistry Today as one of the top 100 CE speakers. Dr. Roberts is also a leading botulinum toxin educator in North America, who teaches physicians, dentists, nurses and who’s practice has been stated as the number one dental provider of botulinum toxin, in North America. Since 2008, he has trained over 8,000 doctors nationally and internationally, and has treated hundreds of botulinum toxin, patients. Through his commitment to delivering excellence in this field, his program content and educational model is now being adopted by various regulatory boards across Canada. Dr. Roberts also acts as the leading advisor to FACETEC – a photography and records software used for analysis and diagnosis comparison.

Lecture Topics:

Botulinum Toxin

Dermal Fillers


Pain Management


Team Training

Practice Integration

Medical Microneedling

2023 Lecture Highlights:
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